New Entrance Fountain

Aubrey Selby was always warm and welcoming from the moment she called Vicar’s Landing home.  So when her husband, Dick Selby, was looking for a way to memorialize her, construction of a new fountain at the entrance of Vicar’s Landing made perfect sense. It would provide a beautiful, warm and welcoming entrance to all guests, residents and staff of Vicar’s Landing.

Aubrey never failed to brighten someone’s day and leave them with a smile. That makes the new fountain all the more meaningful.  Dick shared that he and Audrey hosted several cocktail parties when they first arrived. Audrey always wanted a final cocktail party. At the dedication, that wish came true. This fountain will continue Audrey’s legacy. For years to come, this fountain will brighten the lives of countless people and will bring smiles to all who pass by, just as Audrey did. Dick’s support of the Vicar’s Landing Foundation enhances the community and supports the mission.

jesuNew Entrance Fountain

Health Center Tech Upgrades

Gifts that impact healthcare are some of the most important we receive. A grant of $45,000 made possible for thirty-five new smart 43″ TV’s, along with updated wiring throughout the Windsor Health Center. We are also adding a nurse call system for the Stratford Assisted Living Center. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the quality and breadth of services at Vicar’s Landing are outstanding. Yet we continually strive to get even better, help residents in new ways and keep up with new innovations that let our residents live the happiest and healthiest lives possible.

Whether it’s a gift through our Legacy Tree or by another means, contributions made to the Health Center make a direct impact on the people who call Vicar’s Home. If you visit our Health Center, you’ll see the amazing things contributions have made possible. And you’ll understand how donor gifts will continue to play an essential role in allowing us to maintain the high standards for which Vicar’s Landing is known.

jesuHealth Center Tech Upgrades

Steinway Grand Piano

The gift of music is something that is always appreciated at Vicar’s Landing but Member Ruth Conley has taken it to a whole new level. She made an extraordinary gift of her Steinway piano to the Vicar’s Landing Foundation. She felt the auditorium needed a piano that could fill it with music. The dedication was a beautiful and moving event which included Ruth playing her favorite rendition of Jesus Loves Me and Claire de Lune.

An avid music lover and lifelong musician, Ruth also sponsors young musicians and supports the symphony. Their performances in the auditorium serve to enrich and uplift the Members of this great community. This gift also shows proves that monetary contributions aren’t the only way to give. We couldn’t be more honored to have Ruth’s magnificent piano grace our auditorium.


jesuSteinway Grand Piano