Build An Amazing Tomorrow.

Bruce Jones, Vicar’s
Landing, CEO

Not everyone knows that Vicar’s Landing was actually founded as a gift and an investment in the future. It was about passing it forward so those to follow could also benefit from our one-of-a-kind community. An essential part of Vicar’s Landing, the Vicar’s Landing Foundation provides a unique opportunity for members and their families to give back and ensure our special community continues to thrive. The response to the Foundation has been nothing short of incredible and is already making a difference in the lives of all those who call Vicar’s Landing home. To learn more about the great things that the Vicar’s Landing Foundation makes possible, please watch our video.







Ways To Give

The goal of the Vicar’s Landing Foundation is to ensure that the incredible community we’ve all built together can continue to serve our residents and members in the years to come and make their lives the best they can be.

Its beauty is surpassed only by its significance. The Vicar’s Landing Foundation Legacy Tree serves to recognize those whose generosity will be felt for generations. All contributions given through the Legacy Tree go directly to fund critical supplies and services in our Health Center.

Although space on the Legacy Tree is limited and the response has been phenomenal, there are still openings available at most levels. Give through the Legacy Tree and your name or that of a loved one will adorn Vicar’s Landing forever.

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So many elements of Vicar’s Landing are cherished by so many. By giving through the Foundation, individuals or organizations can have their name permanently bonded to celebrated settings on our campus. Current naming opportunities include:

• Arts & Crafts Room
• Auditorium
• Card Room
• Fitness Room
• Aerobics Room
• Club Room
• Members Conference Room

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As most people know, Vicar’s Landing never rests on its laurels. Our pledge to our members is to provide them with a campus that allows them to live life to the fullest with health and happiness. To do that doesn’t just take great people, it takes great facilities. Your gift to the Vicar’s Landing Foundation Renovation Fund ensures that Vicar’s Landing stands ready to serve others now and in the future.

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We are honored and blessed that so many wonderful people call Vicar’s Landing home. With the comes a responsibility we take very seriously: to provide outstanding healthcare when needed. We are in need of new nursing rooms. A gift to the Vicar’s Landing Nursing Home Fund will help turn a need into a reality that will benefit countless families. 

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Ask many residents and members, and they’ll tell you the chapel is the most important room at Vicar’s Landing. Adorned with beautiful stained glass and lovingly cared for by our residents and staff, the chapel, itself, was made possible through a generous contribution. When you give to the Vicar’s Landing Foundation Chapel Fund, you are ensuring the joy and fulfillment generated by the chapel continues.  We have faith that, with your help, the chapel can continue to be a place of prayer and reflection for all those who rely on it.

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 Endowment gifts are some of our most important and most impactful. Endowments can do great things. They can help members who outlive their resources, support employees experiencing unusual hardships, sponsor cultural events and much, much more.

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  • It is truly an honor to be a steward of the generosity shown by our contributors. Every cent given goes back to this community. Our incredible legacy wouldn't have been possible without help and this also true of our future. Giving to the Foundation changes lives for the better and there is no greater cause in life than that.

    Dale Pirkle, COO at Vicar’s Landing
  • The reason I’ve lived so long is because of Vicar’s Landing. Being here has prolonged my life, there’s no question about it.

    Bobbie West , Vicar’s Landing Member since 1995
  • My parents loved the chapel at Vicar's Landing when they moved there. It was really important to them that it continue to be a place of meaning for residents now and to come. Through the Foundation, they donated all of the bibles, the prayer books, the organ and more. It gives our family a great sense of pride that our contribution is helping keep the chapel one of Vicar's true gems.

    Francie Heard, Family member

Donations at work

Here are just some of the many great things made possible through the Vicar’s Landing Foundation. Your dollars will never work harder and do more than they will through this critically important organization.

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Please contact us for any questions about the Vicar’s Landing Foundation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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    1000 Vicar’s Landing Way, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082